Monday, May 7, 2012


 On Saturday night, did you stay up to see the super moon?

We did, but I didn't get a clear picture, so am posting from those who did.

The first is from Greece.  Fabulous shot, even if Photoshop enhanced.  

The second which is one of my
favourites, is from Christchurch
and is by a Ricky Tiong, who managed the shot better than anyone I think.  Beautiful.

This one is by a guy who manages some of the fabulous shots of athletes around Canada.  He took this in Toronto, and did a bit of editing to get this beauty.  Those buildings are real and so great to see as one travels across the top of the city.

 The last is from Ambiant Photos, a site that takes photos throughout the Caribbean.  I just loved this one.

Did you manage to view the moon
in its glory?  Our view was just
spectacular as the night was so
clear, we could almost read by

I managed to piece a small quilt this weekend, which needs finishing and I don't have a complementary fabric for it, so since we are heading to the city tomorrow, I'm taking the top with me.

Helen is working on a beauty which will be completed by next weekend so I can take a photo of it too.

Also almost, almost done is the last of the winter projects, a sweater for me.

Our neighbours are in residence.  We had dinner with them on Saturday night.. what a yummy yummy meal as Kent loves cooking.  They are both wonderful "chefs".  Even if it was a free meal, it was wonderful, and Mary sets a great table for a kid....

Enjoy the photos.

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