Monday, May 14, 2012


 I was visiting my friend Helen who knows how to sew straight seams and curved one if need be.  Well this is her weekend bag to travel in Switzerland when she visits this summer.  I just love it to the point of getting the pattern from her.

Her work is so professional!  I always admire her works.   The inside is as lovely as the outside.  She also has added inside pockets which the pattern didn't call for.

She is also in the final steps of finishing this boys quilt which will be travelling to Europe with her.  For the grandchild of their host I believe.  The red and white is Swiss flag colours I think too.  

We are both in the making quilts
for the summer.  I have two in progress but haven't spray basted yet, thought I'd do them both at the same time.  Of course today, after four days of no wind, it is probably too windy to finish them, oh well, one more day isn't so bad.

I have these blocks, 15 of them,
which I did in a fit of what to do.

I was practicing making a wonky star block and had nothing but what you see. 

 They are free for whoever wants them.  They can be finished for a charity quilt or whatever you wish.  As usual, it is bright blocks but they are there for first come first serve type of thing. 

 I have so many projects on the go that they need to be gone from my huge (for me at least) stash as I only have so much room here at the cottage.

We have had glorious weather, the hummers are back, our flowers are all out, the trees are almost filled out here at the lake, so the season has begun.  

Next weekend is a long weekend.  We are having a gang up, so am getting geared up for that.  Water skiing is in the books of things to do even if the water is cold.  The young don't care.

Have had a bit of computer glitz as usual when I press to many keys, so that is why this post is long.  

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