Friday, June 29, 2012


I love Fridays!  For me it isn't so much of a difference from other days of the week, except that the lake becomes active with the arrival of other cottagers.

I finished this quilt yesterday, I made this using scraps of nine patches, then cut them diagonally, then, I fitted them to
make random squares.  

I love the back which is done with orange dots in strips.  The backing which is a muslin piece I found, was just a little bit too short in length and just the same in width, so I made this awesome back!  I think I could do this as a front on any modern quilt.  My sweetie loves it too of course because it is so simple.   I used  a curvy pattern from my sewing machine to quilt it. 

Favourite things.

I subscribe to Tip is a great sight which every week the news letter comes with so many ideas that it boggles the mind.  I get it on Thursday but wait till Friday morning to open it.  So it is a Friday Favourite for me.

The other new favourite sight I have found is a young woman who won a You Tube contest and posts weekly about so many crafty and cooking things.  The Crafty Gemini is also an awesome sight.

This is our Canada Day long weekend.  There will be fireworks, BBQs galore so lots of stuff to do with friends and family.  We are going to be fairly quiet as we are on our own.

I am not starting any projects this weekend.  I am relaxing at the water's edge.  I do have the flip flop quilt to hand sew the binding but other than that, all sewing is put away.

Enjoy your weekend, and be careful out there!

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