Monday, July 2, 2012


 This is the last of the flip flop quilts.  Also known as thongs in parts of the world, but here thongs say underwear!

I made another of these which are so popular that I do want to keep one for myself.  I loved making these quilts!  Such fun to pair
colourful blocks together.   Again I used the remains of the jelly roll from Walmart plus a couple of other little bits of left over fabrics.

Having written that, I have purchased fabric online which will be a surprise to receive.  I ordered from Missouri Quilt Shop, their sale of the day.  The cost of shipping was more than the fabric.It cost $15.00 to ship to Canada.  $5.00 for shipping in the US/  Why is shipping so expensive to Canada  from some stores?

The lilies are almost open in my
garden which is the septic bed!  I am going to split them this fall as they are getting crowded.   I love lilies, I do think they are my favourite flower, well I love bee balm too of course, so they are both almost blooming.

I am pretty sure that there will be hummingbird babies at the feeder soon.  The females are feeding more frequently, which says the babies are born.  We shall see.

Canada Day was spectacular here at the lake.  Lots of fireworks, but in the capital, Ottawa, it was awash with red and white, and last night the fireworks finished off a great day.  Happy Birthday day late.
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