Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Normally on Sunday mornings we sleep in a bit, after all it is the beginning of the week.

The dogs needed out, so as I stepped out onto the deck with them, this is what greeted us!

Even the dogs looked over to see what this was.  It appears, this is probably a hundred year
old dock that somehow has had
the urge to wander.  There are five huge 15-20 ft logs under all the rotted board!  We have no idea how it got here or where it came from either.  

My sweetie moved it to the other side of the lake, attached it to a tree so that the township can come and remove it.  There are huge spikes sticking out of it and at night it would certainly be dangerous for navigation.

We were lucky to move it before
the rains started.

Also seen this morning was a small beaver who looked at the dock with wonder.

I finished up the second of the flip flop quilts.  It will be a bit smaller than the first one I made, but just as colourful.  Okay, I am done with these for the summer.

For years this little sucker has been my ironing board.  I just didn't have space for a large ironing board, so I made do.

Sometimes, for a large project I used three or four sheets to press items,  well no more.

I was on the Missouri Star Quilt Shop site and there was an easy pressing board.

I asked my sweetie to cut me a 
large board.  Over the board, is a large towel, made like a pillow case, and over that, an old sheet, made to fit over that.  It is awesome, doesn't take up any more room than my cutting mat.

As we head to the city on highway 35, there is a church with a sign that says...We may not be Dairy Queen, but you should try our Sundays!"  Isn't that cute?

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