Thursday, July 12, 2012


A very busy week so far.  My friend Dawn came to visit.  She isn't much of a quilter she says, so between the two of us we made this quilt for her in a day and a half.

Wish I could take credit for the quilt, but it comes from Moda Bake shop via Quilting in the Rain blog.  Easy and quick but so effective.

It was a joyous moment when Dawn saw the quilt finished.  She actually took all her extra fabrics home and hopes to be able to remember how to make it....on her own.

Also, our friends returned from Cozumel, and came to pick up their dog which we had been looking after,   He is a great dog.  part poodle and spaniel.  Our dog missed him this morning when he woke up.

Today is my daughter's 51st birthday.  I don't think a day goes by, no matter where we are that we do not communicate.  Loving her is the easiest thing I have to do in this world.   Just like the song....

The weather has lacked so much rain that there is a total fire restriction in our area.  So many of us are going through the same weather this summer.  While it seems good, it isn't for the birds and insects which share a close relationship.  It isn't for the farmers who need the birds and insects to pollinate their fruit crops.  Nature is needing some balance....wishing for rain is something I never thought I'd do, but we do need it.

It has been so humid that my fusible web on my new project stuck to the needle....does that say it all?

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