Friday, July 13, 2012


 This, is my new project.  I received some 30s  prints from Shay.  She said they were all extras from her stash!  Wow, I had days to decide what I would do with all the beautiful prints.

You know the saying so much to do, so little time...not quite for me, but making a decision to use 
the fabric in a way that it would be
really used.  

I decided on Roses of Picardy which is an old design.  The centre has not been decided as yet, but I am thinking a soft yellow centre instead of black as the black is too harsh for the block.

I am having trouble with the fusible web.  Actually, it is the threads that keep looking like they shred when sewn for more than one part of a pattern.  Poor machine, I think when I was cleaning it, that I must have moved a small wire or something in the upper feeder.  So much for cleaning my own machine.    Which, by the way is a Janome 6600 and does not need to be oiled as I have it cleaned professionally once a year.   Next week is my once a year....

The pile is my quilts....can you believe it?  That is minus 5 quilts that have gone to a good home, plus the three that I have on beds here at the cottage.

I am gifting one for the best pot luck dish at our annual supper.  I think one of the nice things about quilting is the ability to see the happiness on the faces of people receiving our love projects.

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