Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 I cannot start this day without wishing the red dog here a Happy Birthday.  He is the luckiest dog in the world....even though he stresses over modelling baby hats....as he belongs to my dog Wilson. So Happy Birthday Quincy.

When we were in Maine, this stove had been donated to the museum.  It is still in full working condition.  The various post and pans ....which is which...are sometimes used when cooking pioneer recipes events in Limestone.

The part on the right was the water heater.  the oven had a 
thermostat which must have been quite the thing.
I saw all these "intimate" items hanging on the line.  I don't know what the item on the left is, and I didn't ask what it was.  It looks like a slip of some kind.

So interesting to visit and be able to touch all the pots which were
quite heavy, so the women must
have been hardy.

When  I saw this washing machine, I could not help but think that wash day must have been something.  Did you ever use a wringer type washing machine?  I did.

One year my niece saw mine and said to her mom that Aunt Nanci had the newest of washers as hers let you touch the clothes while they were washing....yeah those were the days my friends.  How many times my fingers almost went through that wringer, I cannot say.

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