Monday, September 3, 2012


 First here is a photo of my mighty dog posing with my friend Mary's little hat.

The dog actually sat still!  Mary and I were laughing so hard, but the mighty Westie just sat there.

The hats are for selling when we go to Florida this winter.  There is to be a flea market table at the senior centre, so she is making these adorable hats.

I have finished the top of the 1930s prints quilt.  Thank you Shay (of Quilting in my Pyjamas fame) for your generosity.

I used every piece she sent except one darker green which I didn't think went well with the rest of the colours.

Because I used fusible web, it is stiff in the flower design.  I also have now bought Steam a Seam which is so much lighter.  Lessons learned always.

I sent a few email pm to a few bloggers asking if I should wash the top before sending it to a quilter and the replies were NO.  Let the long arm quilter decide.  Thank you Bev for really getting the research done on what to do.

The quilt is 90 X 110, so there is no way I can do this on my home machine.  

Of course, if I get my king size bed next spring, the mattress is 15" deep and the quilt won't fit.  I may display it on the side ways so that I can use it.  Why do they make the mattresses so deep and why did we buy it?   

The beginning of a new school year always brings the lake to very quiet and tranquil days.  Our neighbours will leave today, Mary is off to school, her sister Erin is at Notre Dame, so for the first time in years, an only child will be in their home. The dad is missing his Erin I know.

Our Olympic hopefuls are also gone from their nest.  Our girl is at Ottawa University and the darling grandson is living with a family (of saints I assure you) in Oakville so that he can train so much more.   Messy is his middle name.

Happy Labour Day.

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