Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It was Thanksgiving at the lake this passed weekend.  

Here cottagers must take their floating docks to sheltered bays for the winter to protect them from ice formations.  There are about three such places around our island on the north shore.  

 One of our neighbours was moving his docks while a rower was taking advantage of a calm morning to have his final row of the season.

We had a pot luck turkey dinner for our neighbours who were here to close their cottages.

 It was the easiest Thanksgiving ever.  I did the turkey, Kent and Kathleen  did the veggies and Helen and Andrea made desserts and set the dinner table for 12.

We had champagne with pomegranate liqueurs before dinner.  That was Kent's idea and they were so yummy.  The colour of the champagne was burnt orange because of the liqueur colour. 

We played a few games to end the evening which everyone said that this was now the first annual dinner Thanksgiving pot luck.

I took this photo of the neighbours leaving the lake for the last time this season.  Click on the photo and you can see a ninety pound golden retriever become a lap dog!  He really does not like boat rides.  He did not want to leave the island.  I suspect he doesn't like car rides either.

We had a wood pile that went pulpy, was bug infested so could not be used for kindling, so the men of the lake "bonded" yesterday.  The chair that my sweetie is sitting on was supposed to go to the fire also, but they decided to share the chair, so it didn't get burned. 

All is quiet this morning, chilly, a bit windy but they boys are taking a dock to shelter even though.  

We only have a couple of weeks to go here at the lake.  Today we will be the last of the islanders on our little island paradise.  The lake had no lights that we could see last night, a sharp contrast to Saturday night when the lake seemed to be lit up.

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