Monday, May 9, 2016


Red and white isn't usually my cup
of tea.  I am not really a red person, but years ago when I started quilting, there was a blue and white quilt on a magazine cover.  I loved it.

So of course I bought red fabric, enough to make two really large tops.  I had no idea how to quilt them, because you know I just
taught myself how to quilt so had
no expertise after two quilts how to quilt two of these let alone one.

Fast forward about 8 years, and I sandwiched them together, so made a very large almost king size quilt, on my Janome 600 no less.  I am pretty pleased with it but not totally in love.  So I put
it on my sofa in the family room.

It really brightens up the room.  The table is where I create!  That is basically my studio.  But what a view!

I am beginning my summer season  of sewing.  I have a couple of tops cut out, and am pretty happy so far.

I love the backs of quilts I think sometimes more than the fronts.  I love stripes on the backs.  They have become my signatures I think.  This quilt shows what is really an awesome stippy thing.  This is from Pinterest, but could not get any more re this quilt which I love.  But wow!  I love it!

I am trying not to be messy when I cut fabrics, because you have seen the size of my little "studio", which is pretty hard to do no matter how tidy we try to be.  There are scraps all over the floor, but a dust pan does amazing wonders.

Are you messy when creating?

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