Friday, May 6, 2016


 Mother's day is always a time of reflections for me.

My mother loved geraniums because they were so hardy, easy to keep, and forever colourful.  I always have them on the deck of the cottage, and think of her often!

My mother was a beauty!  She had a brunette colouring, different from me, and always loved clothes when she
grew up.

She grew up in New Brunswick,
She was a country girl with the love of the city life for years.  She moved to the Virgin Islands when she was 50 years old, opened a bar, and served the first lobster sandwiches in the BVI.

She said that her love of lobster had led her to order a small lobster sandwich when shopping in
Buffalo in the 50s.  It was served on
a hotdog bun.

When she opened her bar on the shores of Cane Garden Bay, she started serving the sandwich but on a much larger scale, and so incredibly yummy that people came from far and wide to have them, along with her great rum punches and pin colados.

She wined and dined a lot of people in her business there, one of which was Jimmy Buffet, while he was young an wild on his first Savannah Jane.  But that's another story.

She lived a life that many of us dream of, on an island in the Caribbean, on the beach no less.

She passed away at the age of 94.  I wish I had spent more time with her now.  She was formidable!
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