Saturday, November 22, 2008


This little pink quilt has found a home! It is going to my niece Eve. She is having her room painted today in pink so this will be perfect for her room.

Her dad dropped in last night and mentioned that she was getting a room makeover and so, this quilt is gone.

It's hard parting with quilts as I am learning. Each one is a work of many many hours and the thoughts and love that go into each one doesn't hit you till you pass it on to someone else to hopefully love it like you do. Anyway, it's gone. I am putting a label on it for her. She is 3yrs this coming March...perfect for her.

This morning I was awake early thinking of how to make the label for it and with the new embroidery stitches I have on the new sewing machine, I'll have some fun with the design. I only hope I have enough pink thread to do the label.

I went over to "maryquilts" and noted that she was up really early and had a couple of comments to her blog by other early risers. She does such beautiful work on her longarm and so many charity quilts that I visit her often to note her generosity.

Another cold day here in Ontario. Did I mention that I hate the winter? Well not all of it but the really chilly damp that we sometimes get. Jerry is actually thinking of putting up a few Christmas decorations! I can't believe it. He is getting the spirit! Isn't it too early yet? I have seen a half dozen houses in this area that have their Christmas trees up....good lord, it's November.

It reminds me of my sister in law telling the story of when her boys were young, Jamie not older than 9 I think and she came home and they had put up the tree in November. They just couldn't wait till Christmas. Ah, those days are gone for our grandkids now who are almost all teenagers and beyond.....

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