Friday, November 7, 2008


I am naming my new quilt orange sherbert, thanks to Niki for giving me the idea. I have "repaired" my big mistakes by adding a piece of the backing and just redoing the binding. It looks pretty good compared to what it was. So thanks Niki.

Today, again another glorious autumn day in Ontario. We are coming to an end though and Jerry will start the shelves he has put off because the weather is so delicous. This morning I had coffee outside on our little deck and it was actually hot there at 10 am. Imagine November 7th.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so we shall see if the weather brings me shelves to pile my fabrics on. I am practicing my quilting by machine. Boy it is hard to get the stitches even when the darning foot. But I am using my ugly quilt to do it, so it makes it worthwhile.

I have trouble with the backside of the quilt looking "stitched". It sometimes looks like it is loopy so I'm bringing it with me to sewing lessons on the new sewing machine next week. See what I am doing wrong. I love the Janome 6600.

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