Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pink Chalk Studio is where I found this water bottle carrier. I think it would make an excellent gift. At the site is a tutorial on how to make and quilt this neat little item. It is free.

I can't even remember how I came across this site, but she has some really neat ideas and patterns.

There is a mail bag pattern on her site and it is very very cool and looks really easy to make. She also quilts and does other sewing stuff that is really neat.

Take a look .

Green quilt is finished except for the binding which I will hand sew tonight as I watch Judge John Deed on BBCC, love the show and never miss this British drama.
Speaking of drama, our goverment is doing such stupid acts in this time of needing to act like adults, that it makes me wish for a snap election just to give someone a good kick for trying to overthrow a duly elected goverment just 6 weeks ago! Grown men can be such buttheads as my grandkids say.

Bridge day, I always look forward to seeing the gang and having and afternoon of cards, socializing and just plain "feeling the love".
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