Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is my sewing area. It isn't fancy, but it works really well. I have lots of room and lots of plugs for electric needs.

When we were deciding where to put the shelves etc, I chose this area as the window directly above lets the sunlight in (when we ever get sun) and it makes it pleasant to work there. I have lots of light and can move another table ajacent to the sewing table for the other machine or quilting area.
This is Courtney's cupboard before and the second photo shows it after Jerry had installed the units to complete it for her. She was returning from Florida training camp on Sunday so it had to be finished for her on Saturday. Kelly painted the room grey, removed the carpeting and reorganize the bed etc. Needless to say Courts was speechless when she saw her room. Excellent job done by Kel and Jer.
We are minding Quincy again today and he is just making Wilson so tired. Me too. I took the dogs for a walk and it was a chore to have 2 dogs on leashes and one who just want to smell and one who just wants to run.
I am finishing my green quilt today. I have basted it and it's ready for stippling. I wonder if people that baste, pin before doing a small quilt such as this one which is about 52" square. Anyway, I didn't and it looks good to go.
I have decided to make my "dream quilt" in red and white, I know it's not the colours I would normally choose, but I liked the reds and there were limited blues. I will watch for them though as I do like the idea of the blues.
My friend Dawn has decided to try another strippy quilt. Wahoo Dawn...Looking forward to working together with her.
I'm off to quilt.

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