Friday, December 5, 2008


I finished it yesterday afternoon while watching the Big Three on CNN and switching to CTV newsnet about the goings on with one group asking for bailouts and everyone really impressed me in the deportment and professionalism.

Then switching to CTV and seeing the bafoons we call politicians acting like demigods, well it was worth the watch. Really stupid politics going on here in Canada and what these politicians need to do is grow up and get governing.

This little quilt is about 52" square and I love the finished product. It would make a nice crib quilt or a lap throw to make someone cheery.

This is part of the red fabric collection that I got at Fabricland's 40% sale last week. I'm thinking of the "dream quilt" which is blue and white, but you know finding blues that I wanted wasn't going to happen on sale so I liked the reds. I washed them to make sure they don't run...I hope and want to start cutting today if I can.
There isn't a cloud in the sky as I write this and hardly any wind to put the wind chill factor in when I walk this morning. Last night when there was a very light snowfall, the dog and I went for a walk. A perfect night, light snow falling, no wind, and with the Christmas lights on around the neighbourhood, it really is starting to look like the Season.
Oh it must be as I am making Christmas cookies today too. Yum!
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