Saturday, January 31, 2009


See this little can on the right? Well all I can say is WOW! What a great product! My sweetie
bought this for me in my bag of goodies for Christmas. I looked at it and didn't give it too much thought, well actually thought that the quilt store just gave him a sale for stuff they didn't sell much of.

Well I tell ya, (Sarah Palin style) it's the best little product! I used it sparingly, have done 2 quilts with this and still loads left. It went on so smoothly and I had lots of work time with it and was able to manoeuver the fabric as I smoothed the quilt. It saved me about 2 hours of basting, which is how I put a quilt together. My fingers weren't sore.
Enough shmooshing of this product. It does say that you must work within the 24-48 hours of spraying, and they mean it as I found out, but that's for another day.

One thing though, I changed needles in my sewing machine to do this. It worked much better with a new sharp needle.

So here is this little quilt. It's small and I just love it.It was supposed to be 48" square. But when I had cut out the corresponding 81/2" squares of all these colours, well it just looked like a dog's breakfast!
OMG it was awful is all I can say. So I got out the white and the little flowered print and took apart the combinations of the large squares and the nine patch and started all over again. Isn't this just the cutest little thing?

I just love the look of it with the white making the nine patch look so amazingly crisp. I know now that some of the problem with me doing quilting is that I just need to simplify my work and have much more fun with it.
Here is something else I learned. Try a new
needle for hand sewing. OMG (again) it made
the work so much easier. I do not have sore fingers from hand finishing.

So I posted the third photo to just show some of the
squares. I have of course so much fabric cut
out, but not to worry. I am going to do stacked
coins with it.

I do not remember being so sick of winter as I am this year. So much cold. Never mind the amount of snow that we have had! Its the cold that just gets to my bones even with a downfilled coat to walk my little westie. He wears a coat and loves to walk, but usually the wind just gets to my face and we must turn around.
It looks wonderful from the back patio doors though and very pretty to look at.
I am imagining the spring meltdown. There will be flooding for sure in some areas.
I've not been posting because Jerry has been working on the computer and he starts early in the mornings. I'm sure I'll get some time next week though.
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