Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well as you can see I ended up chosing the green. It was a hard decision because I also liked the white and the little flower print. But the orange in the print was "off" and the white was good, but the green really goes with the back which is the large flower print.
I did make the strips only 3" so they ended up 2 1/2" and it looks really good. I want to thank those that commented on downsizing my strips.
I have it stippled almost finished but can't quite decide on the binding. I think I will use the centre orange. I have enough of it left to do it.
This has been fun to do and I think I will now be able to do a disappearing patch as this is how they are done, right? Cut the centres and turn them around. I am gaining confidence.
I wanted to post this as I have been anxious to post the quilt. My sweetie also liked the green as did Kelly and they both have good colour sense.
We are awaiting daylight savings which comes into effect on March the 8th I think. I would be happy to not have the changes and it seems we are moving to that as this is earliest of the time changes that I can remember. Wasn't it supposed to help the farmers? Do you really think the cows are able to tell time? Do the sheep? Since the days are getting longer I feel spring is not to far away for those of us who have lived through this awful winter weather.
By the way, I loved the Academy Awards. I had no idea that Hugh Jackman could sing and dance. I loved his stuff and he looked so relaxed, as did Will Smith. Will could do the show too I think. I loved all the gowns and especially Penelope Cruz's gown. It was a vintage gown from a collection that she had seen 8 yrs ago and loved it. But I tell you some of those women need to eat! Did you see the bones sticking out of Angela Jolie? Gee, she looks like she has anorexia, I swear. I loved Mylee Cyrus's dress too, she looked like a princess. The Slum Dog entourage were very classy and they deserved their award! Sean Penn....so nice to see him smile! And I do love Kate Winslett. At least she has some meat on her bones!
Isn't it fun to diss those "stars"?
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