Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, I can't decide which colour to do the strips between these orange squares. I have looked at all the possiblities and it's hard to decide.
So the examples below are what I have come up with. I did think of yellow too, but just didn't do that one because it's a bit overwhelming.
I like the green best I think as it really pops the squares and there's a bit of green in the patterns.
I also liked that bias fabric, but then I'd have to square up the diagonals and I just know I couldn't do that. It's too hard for me to do.
I think the orange is just too much. And the white is the same, just a lot of white.
I'd like to do the sashings vertical and horizontal, keeping them the same.
I'm leaving it and will decide tomorrow I think.
This has been very fun to do and very quick I must say. I may try this with other colour combinations just for the fun of it.
I also think that 4" sashings and the binding being orange with the back being one of the sasing colours just might do it. I also thought to use the pattern of white print that is on the square too for the back.
A dilemna in the making here.

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