Monday, February 16, 2009


Do you remember this quilt? I made it last fall and took it with me to Montreal this past weekend. My Uncle Robert died last week so most of the family journeyed to Montreal for his funeral service and remembrance of life reception.

My Uncle Bob loved a good party. He would have loved this one in his name at his son Paul's house.

I took some of my best quilts to show my relatives who travelled from afar, so that I could show them what I have been doing and in doing so realized that my cousin Robert and his wife Debra were expecting a baby girl the end of March.

So, off this one went to a happy home. Deb had a hard time picking from three that were children quilts. She will let me know the name of her baby (a girl) and I shall embroider a patch to send to her so that she can put it on the quilt.

Although the journey was one of sadness, there is always a rainbow at the end for our family of a lot of Irish descendents...we like to gather and tell tall tales. So lots of tall tales were told, some of my uncle Bob and some of the others in the room told great funny stories of life. He really would have loved it and his children did well in their choice of service and reception.

It was really cold in Montreal compared to Toronto. And the city has so much more snow. You know it is a different culture and life is a bit different than here in Ontario. It's always good to go there.

We are relaxing today which is family day in Ontario and we are tired from the travel, the talking, the laughing, and sleeping in strange beds for a few days. So today is a nothing day.

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