Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wasn't it great to have the President visit us on a cold February day?
He has such high approval here in Canada, over 80% which is unheard of in this country of a quiet and staid peoples.
There looked to be about a thousand people on Parliament Hill just to catch a "glimpse" and I mean a "glimpse" of this man who continues to give us hope.
One of the reporters to the CBC Tv station was overjoyed as she turned to the camera and shouted "I saw him, I saw him!" and then she just looked so excited and laughed and said it again. it was so cute!
Ok, on to more important issues than the President visiting, I am doing a quilt a long tomorrow with Pat Sloan and the colour of choice is orange with something else.
I am not sure what I am doing, but I LOVE orange and have lots of it. So I am in for a pound as the saying goes.
I just checked "Getting stitched on the farm" blog on my list of favorites and the lambs have been put out of the And this morning the lambs got out of their pen and all came to the kitchen door baaaaing and wanting breakfast. Have a look and a great smiling face when you read the blog.
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