Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Boy oh boy, as the saying goes, I've been given a quilt to try and restore. It's about 40 years old and VERY well worn. However, as the story goes, my grandmother who made quilts for all of her family gave this one to her youngest son and his wife for a wedding gift.

Well I don't know if there is a rule about use, but if there is....well they did it. It's very thin, frayed and because of the sentimallity of the piece (did I spell that right), my aunt wants me to try and fix it. I looked at the squares closely and the middle ones looked like they can be saved.

Here's what I'm thinking, cut those out, repair as best I can with the left over squares and make it a smaller quilt. The saved original squares would be the centre foundation and then I would work around these to give her back a finished quilt of a lap size I should think.

I took some quilts to Montreal (previous post) and they loved the stipple look of my quilts. I am wondering if I can stipple these repaired squares and stipple them. Would that make it stronger do you think?
The posted photos don't actually show how thin this quilt is. I wonder if I use fusable web to the squares and then put that on a backing if that would help.
Just a bit of a problem here today.
Oh well bridge is waiting for me.
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