Monday, March 2, 2009


I had done a similar quilt a couple of weeks ago. This is what is left of all those squares I cut that when they were put together.....well, a dog wouldn't have had it for breakfast!
So, I added white to it all and look what happens, it's a beauty. The others had blues that popped it and this time, I wanted to use pink to do justice to the work.
I have believe it or not some little squares left over of the cutting that I did when cutting. My math is so awful, that I swear, I don't know how I ever passed out of public school all those years ago! Or maybe it's age and it's gone and long forgotten what I learned.
I like the size of about 45 X 50, just a lovely lap quilt. You know what the sweetie said right? "Oh it's a keeper, we
could hang it on the wall at the cottage!" Just so you know the only wall that we could possibly hang a blanket on a wall is one living room wall, all the rest of the walls are either windows or the room is too small for putting up a quilt!
I've pretty well decided to try a couple of the suggestions regarding the fixing of the old quilt. I will try to see if I can possibly do some hand quilting, and I use that term loosely. I have never done it before, so it could be a challenge. I also have a stitch on my machine that kind of looks like the hand sewed look, so I may experiment. I am still picking it apart and it's going to take time.
My new Janome 6600 is very sick with a terrible fever. It just quit yesterday with lots of directions as to what to do, but no avail. We are going to the hospital tomorrow as they are closed on Mondays. We didn't know that and my sweetie drove over there this morning while I was with Courtney, the granddaughter in training, to have a bone scan of sorts, which showed that she has a small stress fracture. She is off to Florida training camp for 5 weeks and cannot run, so the trainers will have her do different cardio stuff I suppose.
OMG, it was 5 above zero F. this morning! The wind chill put it into double digit minus's.! What is going on here? I want spring and want this winter gone for the next 8 months, am I asking too much? All over North America we are in this chill.
Quote of the day..."Sometimes when I look at my children, I say to myself, 'I should have remained a virgin'." Lillian Carter, mother of Jimmy Carter, (I think she was speaking of the other brother though)

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