Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is the old quilt that I have started to fix not restore as the sashing is just too thin to keep or repair.
I have taken most of the blocks that could be saved apart and kept the others for piecing if need be of the kept blocks.

Here is my delemna, because these squares are 40 yrs old and much used and loved, I wonder if I fused them onto a muslin fabric if that would strenghten the block? You think it would?

The pattern is quite simple, and I am able to piece those squares that have possibilities. I think I will end up with 12-16 squares. One of them I would like to put in a frame for my aunt and uncle to keep. I saw that somewhere while searching for a remedy to the quilt.

The batting was virtually gone from the inside, it was all in strips and I will put new batting, new sashings, and match the back to the sashings. The colour now is pale yellow which
I suspect was a muslin fabric due to the look of it. It certainly
must have been a bit brighter in its day, but I can't find a yellow
to even come close, and creamy white is not an option either.
So I have a small green and cream checked fabric which I think
will just do the quilt and look really good.

I had this batting and backing all over the family room this
morning and my sweetie just got the vacuum out! He admired
my patience, considering that my grandmother who did this
quilt used "scant" 1/4" and I mean "scant". I hope I can do
the blocks justice after I remove all the sashings and repair
the blocks.

So, what do you think, fuse the blocks? Can I then quilt
the block by machine? Should I stipple the quilt to strengthen
the fabric? Would stippling do that anyway?

I did take a square to a couple of shops to get an
idea of colour and the green that I chose really looks good with the blocks even though you see so much red with light blue, but each block has a soft green in it. It doesn't show so much in photos here, but it is there.
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