Friday, March 6, 2009


These illustrations were done by Gary Glassbergen which goes to show that some men really really do "get" women! I loved these and do have a few more sent to me this morning by my friend who is in Florida. Dawn has been in Florida for about 2 months now, escaping the frigid north .
It's funny but in the world of blogging and emails these take on a life of their own. I received an email this morning also about a woman running for ovarian cancer. Basically it's an awareness email and being forwarded around the world. So I did send it on to a few others in my life.
I don't get too many what we would call "junkers" that I delete because most of the people who do send them to me know that I really love play on word jokes the best, and not too long of stories as I do have a short attention span.
I've spent the last half hour with new "friends" in the blogging world. Just popped over to visit a few and see what they're doing, how they are feeling etc. Kept a few in my favorites to see if I post them on the side bar to visit more often.
I did go visit Mary Quilts. She just got back from visiting her mom and since she does Heartstrings projects, she found a box of tops that are fabulous in the least in her mail box yesterday! People are so generous to be so involved in charities.
The weather being a mild gray day here in Whitby is going to be a sewing day for me and maybe lunch with my sweetie. We have been watching what we eat lately and he now knows that "what's that green stuff?" is good for him and eating more of it! So we are going to eat out!
Have a good weekend folks.
For me I shall be thinking of my Uncle Rolland's family in Montreal who are celebrating his life of 87 years. He passed away this week! A life well lived.
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