Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Did I ever tell you of my love affair with Crocs? Well I have about 6 pairs of them because they are so comfortable and easy to wash and cheap to buy for summer accessories.
The orange pair is probably the most comfortable of the sandals. the strap is wide and sturdy. I wear them the most in the summer.
I am ordering the green pair from my friend in Florida as we can't get them here in Canada. Not the Patra style anyway.
The other sandal I like is the Cleo, it's almost the same as the other but in softer material. It is also really comfortable.

Of course I have a few of the regular crocs and even a couple of the fur lined ones too. I just throw them in the wash and they come out looking good as new.

I am thinking spring and summer here so it's time to look at what I need to get ready for the "season".

I also shopped a couple of years ago at Jams World and got a couple of dresses direct from Hawaii and even a few shirts for my sweetie. His shirts are REALLY loud! He is always complimented on my good taste to put him in pineapple and birds of paradise shirts! They are expensive, but last forever.

My son and granddaughter popped in yesterday on what was to be a visit to my mother in the nursing home, see the rest of the family and drive about 120 miles home. Well plans changed and they are sleeping still. We told tall tales till past midnight and I finally just collapsed into bed as I am not a night owl.

I am awake and feel awful from lack of sleep but I couldn't go back to bed so I am finishing this, making coffee and picking at the old squares. It's a pyjamas day for me.

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