Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When one first enters the "big bunkie" as it's known, even though we have tried to rename it over the years, it's still called the new bunkie or the big bunkie. It's 14 X 16 ft and with the large picture window and high ceilings, it's very airy compared to the little bunkie.

It also faces the lake as you can see from yesterday's photo of our site, but it's back a bit in the woods and is very private. I couldn't find an up close of the exterior, however it does have a small deck for sitting on, but almost everyone goes to the deck at the main cottage.

We put in the laminate flooring here, but painted the little bunkie floor because it just suited it. The floor is the same as the main cottage. As much as the interior is very simple and woodsy, we haven't been able to give it the appeal of the little bunkie. So mostly it's adults that come to visit that have a place of their own with lots of ventillation. Although this past fall when the teens were up, we put them there, as they stay up later than us and they were away from the old folks.

I've thought often of whitewashing the walls to give it a cottage feel.Now that I have quilts, hanging a couple on the walls might make it more cottagey, but the kids just love using them for coziness. Each original sleeping spot has a light so that one can read before sleep time. We did this as all the kids read and we encourage it all the time at the cottage.

Our neighbours Bob and Mary have more or less claimed this bunkie as theirs as they come often so Mary just calls it "my bunkie". We are thinking of putting in a 2 piece bathroom in there. If it happens, I will post it for sure...lots of planning is in the works.

When we built this, it was because our family is quite large and on weekends with kids bringing their friends, we can be in the teens for the weekends, so we were pressed for room to say the least. For a couple of years we had the girls, all 6 of them camping out on the deck in a large tent that one of our sons had. It was a tight fit, but they loved it. And of course there wasn't much room on the deck with a 10 x 10ft tent up there. So we built the big bunkie.

Beside the bunkie and a bit further up the hill is my sweetie's workshop which is known as the Home Depot of Long Island as we have lots of "stuff" packed in there. Any one may borrow what we have, but, they must return as soon as possible in case of someone else's needs. It works quite well. The workshop is the size of the big bunkie and has a garage door so that all the equipment for sawing etc is done outside on its deck.

Yeah, that's the name of our island, and we live in a village called Brooklin, isn't that something? Talk about Karma!

Of course we have a large septic bed and it has all the perennial flowers I can put on it and even annual cosmos because I like how they bend in the breezes and add their delicate foliages to the garden there. I have not had much success with sun flowers, but maybe this year will be different.

I think I have posted the main cottage before, but I may find some new photos to share as I continue my yearning for this wonderful place. It's a very simple cottage, not fancy as you can see from the above photos, but we have made it homey and welcoming for all that come!

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