Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I didn't know whether to post our cottage aerial photo that was taken by one of our friends flying over the area and photographed our little place on the lake. It turned out so well that he sent it to us

The little bunkie on the left of the photo is the place where almost everyone wants to be because it's so close to the lake. It measure 10X18 ft and has a queen size bed in it and a set of bunks that are cot size only 32" wide because we couldn't have fit anything larger in the space.

Here is the inside of the bunkie. It holds all our wet suits, skis, ropes and also has the beer fridge in it which doesn't show. the fridge is in a cubby hole in the wall so that we could hold the beds etc.
Over the years this cottage has held as many as 8-10 people of various sizes. We would put all the little bodies on the floor in sleeping bags on top of our lounging mattresses. Adults usually slept on the "big bed" which is to say Kelly and my daughter in law Kate being the major sleepers there with as many kids as the bunkie could hold. It was there that a 13" tv held their attention when the kids were little. Many many ghost stories have been told in this little cabin with about 6 kids always huddled on the bed as Nana told the scariest stories she could make up.
Beware of anybody having to get up in the night and move around the bodies. One night Jeremy and Eric were sleeping on the top bunk, which had a guard on it so that they wouldn't fall out and Jeremy actually slid, with his bag off the back end of the bunk, but because there was so many bags on the end table he just slid to the end of the little cot that was put at the end of the bed and didn't even wake up!
Yes, many great stories have been made in that little bunkie. I just thought I would post this as our cottage season is nearing and I am getting anxious to be there.
I just couldn't get in the mood for quilting, sewing, or doing much else, it must be spring fever.
Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to it.
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