Friday, March 27, 2009


Fabricland has a 50% sale on this weekend for members, so I went this morning and bought these dots. I just love dots and I am already planning what I will do with them!

The shop was packed and they didn't have the quilting thread that I wanted which would have been 50% off and they back ordered it for me! I was so pleased with their courtesy.

While I was shopping I also managed to find the current Better Homes quilting book. $10.00 plus for the little sucker! I am going to check and see if I can get a lot of the contents online. I kept thinking what fabrics I could have bought for that amount. Yeah I love the magazine, but, it's a big price with the taxes and all.

I also made a huge goof while supposedly adding to my blogger list and made a mistake and then to make matters worse, I deleted all my list! I am going to spend a lot of time over the next few days and add everyone back. Don't ask me how I did it, but I did. I, believe it or not have done this before, and vowed to be more careful, and just did it again! What a goof I am.

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health regarding my little skin cancer thing and said it looked well on its way to full recovery without leaving a scar. As if I really cared, however am glad it's looking good. It's only because it was so itchy that I had him look at it, so he's a good guy today in my books.

I am off to quilt for the day even though it is sunny out and it's truly feeling like spring. There are a group of boys of all ages in the park playing basketball. It's a sure sign when that happens.

Have a great weekend.

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