Monday, March 23, 2009


This is my favorite flower. Monarda or bee balm as it is commonly known. The reason I like this flower is, it's a perennial and the hummingbirds go crazy flitting from flower to flower all summer long. It blooms forever and even though it can get mildew on it, the flower still blooms.

When we return to the cottage next month, the first outside chore I do is clear and cut the bee balm, transfer plants to new locations and await their blooms.

The hummers arrive around May 8th -10th and are so hungry from their travel from Centra America that I usually have about 5 feeders out for them. Last year we didn't have any more than 6 that stayed around for the season, and that was very disappointing as we usually get more than double that for the feeding frenzies of the evening. But it was so cold last spring and I think that the little things stayed further south and just didn't move even after the warmup. We are near Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario, so it's a trek for them and the springs can be cool. I just love seeing these birds as it's a sign that we are awaiting lovely days.

Quilting at the cottage is a lovely passtime as I sit at a table in our greatroom with 3 sides of windows and can see lake, sky and trees without turning my head. It's such peaceful place for us and this year I am taking sewing machine and table to keep up my hobby.

This past weekend was so lovely that we sat outside with coffees in hand and chatted with the neighbours. It is a time of year when, after such a long brutal winter all of us emerge from our dens and face a new beginning!

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