Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm not considered a novice knitter you know, I can knit sweaters, socks, do cables and I do have a few doggie coats that I designed my self. So I went to Chapters in Ajax looking for Kristin's book (see the photo) and had to order it as it's not there yet.
I just love reading her blog about living there with the farmer and creating knitting patterns, doing her photography and raising her child! Her blog "getting stitched on the farm" is just a great journey of her life and it's always an interesting read particularly at this time of year when the little lambs are gamboling all over the place.
I am going to try to knit something from this book and if I can't, I shall have it as a coffee table book for my friends to think I have talent!
There are a number of my blogging "friends" that I follow,with coffee in one hand and mouse in the other to visit regularly to see what they are up to.
Karen is doing and insanity dear jane quilt.....all by hand and I am totally committed to see how she comes along in my daily visits with her. Of course Mary Quilts has also been one of my regular places to stop and chat as she is one of the first blogs I visited when I started quilting. Her along with Crazymom who gets so many hits that I just don't post all the time there. So many people and so little time to read all those blogs. My goodness it's a wonder Amandajean has time to visit me, but she does and I thank her and all those that, like me take time to visit.
I also visit a couple of gals from Ontario to see what they are up to and always leave a comment for Trish, who is funny and self depracating in her writings. I am awaiting her final stitches on her "male" quilt and am anxious to see some fusia instead of fish in her next quilts. Deb has the amazing quilt that she did years ago as a header on her blog and I visit her all the time too although she doesn't post often.
So, now to the that. Our dog, the Mighty Wilson, is like us obsessed about the cottage life and yesterday we took his "boat coat" out to see if it would fit on Quincy the puppy from you know where. It did, but Wilson went nuts as he say his coat and thought it was "cottage time". I had to hide it from him so that he didn't go any more crazy than he is.
Here he is with his boat coat when we were leaving the cottage last fall.
We are awaiting the ice out on the lake and have already sent the notice to put our boat in the water as soon as the ice is out. There is still 3 ft of ice there now and so it gives you an idea of how cold it can be just two hours north of Whitby.
But, when the weather warms to the mid 60s, the sun shines, that ice I tell you just disappears and I have no idea how all of that happens. One day there is a frozen lake, and the next....spring has arrived. That is what we live for, spring on our lake.
Just a ps, I am working on the victorian blocks, they are done I have the print to do sashing and have no idea as yet how I will quilt this. I do stippling and in the ditch. Can I do both in one quilt?
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