Monday, May 11, 2009


Today is the 17th birthday of Courtney, my daughter's little girl. She is now 5'7" and still growing, towering over her mother and her grandmother.
Being the daughter of a daughter, it's quite surprising how much personality she has that is similar to the two of us.
All the good stuff of course. She has drive and ambition, looking to the future of university and her dream of being an olympian. The olympian dream is strong to the point that she isn't home this year because of trials in Welland.
Our Courtney is a good student, is organized and very thoughtful. Her friendships with childhood friends have been long and loyal. She is the apple of her grandfather's eye as she continues on her path of adulthood.
She is also the Easter girl that I made the mystery dress for. Her style will always be simple and classic....that's just her make up. Happy Birthday Courtney!
Mother's day was quiet around here, what with all the kids working or visiting friends, it's not like the old days of huge gatherings. Phone calls came in the morning to see who would be the first to wish mom her day. Ted won it hands down!
I am making 2.78 squares which will be made into triangles using my grandmother's scraps. She saved blues as her favorite colours I think. The blocks have been a challenge, finding the size in the scraps big enough to cut the required fabric.
I'm just making the little triangles, then will add a 4 1/2" square of colour to go with the blues. I don't know what the end design will be....depends on how many triangle squares I end up with.
The storms of the weekend have passed .....of course and the day is beautiful without a cloud in the sky...Isn't that always the way though, rainy weekends and lovely Mondays. There should be a rain on weekends in the spring and summer months.
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