Thursday, May 14, 2009


I received this card from Anya at Hills Creek Quilter. Isn't it just so cute? The note was written on the back. Anya won one of the prizes in my giveaway. My sweetie just couldn't get over the making of this in fabric! His question was "how'd she do that?" Thank you so much Anya!

Yesterday I received this rhubarb from Kelly. It was a very generous amount and so I cut it up, took strawberries out of the freezer and made

strawberry/rhubarb jam. I usually add apples

to make the pectin, but I didn't have any, so the

jam will be a bit runny, but it is yummy to say

the least. the berries were bought from an

Amish farm last year. Alex (granddaughter) and

I were driving home from the lake and actually

turned around to go back and buy the berries as they were just so beautiful. Organically grown, perfect berries. There was a box at the table, all the berries were heaped in the quart containers, and no one in sight. $5.00 for one quart, $20.00 for 5. We bought the 5 quarts, ate one on the way home, made shortcake etc with another and I froze the remaining 3 quarts.

So the berries were added to some of this rhubarb yesterday.

I also made the rhubarb coffee cake, which is really good to taste, but I made it into loaf pans as I wanted to give some to the generous person who let Kelly pick it for me. He will be getting a loaf and a jar of jam too!

Do you ever just not be able to do your quilting stuff? Yesterday, which was supposed to be bridge day, I didn't feel like that either....just too much to do....too many thoughts in my head and too much running around to get into the artistic (???) mode of quilting. So I baked and made jam in the afternoon.

We are not leaving for the cottage this morning due to the inclement weather. It's raining here and there too. It's not much fun arriving at the cottage on a boat that does not have a cover to protect the passengers and their gear. We may rethink this afternoon. I'm ok with it as I am sitting here writing, having coffee and am actually thinking the good stuff and will get some sewing done this morning.

There are a few of my blogmates who are away on vacations, unable to blog or may be in the same funk as I am. It's the weather I think.

Christine at "The cutting edge" made the Cowboy Bread recipe. Have a look on the blogroll and see her photo. It's partly eaten of course as you just can't help yourself when it comes out of the oven.

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