Monday, July 13, 2009


To the world she may be one person, but to me,
she is the world....

Yesterday was my little girl's birthday. When
she was born I just couldn't believe my luck to have given birth to this beautiful child. She had boundless energy from the get go and was a really good baby.

We have been close she and I. We are the best of friends as mother and daughter relationships go. And although we are very different in character, she being very definite in her ideas, we share the same values.

The little photo is of her pride and joy Courtney about 15 years ago. Look at us heh? There is Jeremy just born and she can't believe she has these two wonderful children.

I tried to post this yesterday but couldn't download photos for some reason, so that's why I am a day late posting.

You know, I read blogs about how we feel about our children and how much love we have for them, but when it comes to me describing my girl, I am blocked, I have joy in my heart to this day, but cannot express the words to pen (or blog) . So just take my word for it...

I am hand finishing the nine patch this morning when I finish here and will take a photo of it somewhere on the deck of the cottage if I dare to venture out in the cold. I don't know about you all, but we have had a cold, damp, dismal summer. Where is the global warming that we hear about? We usually are in the high 70s to the mid 80s by this time of year...Really. We have had maybe 3 days of that...Storms are all over North America.

Oh, I logged onto "Human Space Flight Sightings" and if you put your local city in, you can see the space shuttle going over your area. One cannot miss it as it's very very bright in the night sky. Fabulous, and the site states the times the angles, so have a look. Last night it was so close it seemed overhead.

The bee balm is just starting to bloom and if I had more that 3 hummingbirds they would be feasting but as it stands, because of the cold summer we are having the birds are somewhere else for the summer.

Did I tell you we have wild turkeys here on the island? Well they seem to come around at night and the dog from you know where goes nuts, so we have not been getting the sleep we normally get. At least they don't do damage like the beavers...The expert at the lake here says that beavers don't like deep open water.....oh yeah? Well tell that to the ones we have here who swim (I've seen them) across about a quarter mile of deep deep water and even tried to eat a large oak....the neighbours had to put chicken wire around the oak for fear that the bloody beaver (aka Bernie) would take a fifty foot oak to his lady....really, I must take a camera over there.
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