Thursday, September 3, 2009


Can you see this cute quilt? I am going to make it next. I have been looking at it for ages. You know I love bright colours and this one is so perfect. It is from the Quilters Newsletter. Now I did see one similar in another magazine, but the instructions (oh yeah those) seem to be better with this one.

Of course the flash dimmed the photo a bit, but it's a go for today. I am excited for this one. My sweetie loves the look of this one. I don't have the exact fabrics of course, but will try to make
a funkie quilt.

We put a small bathroom in the new bunkie. It is just to the right of the window that you can see. That's Alex our granddaughter putting the final touches to the lattice work to finish it off. We lost both the large pines that were in the front of the bunkie. One when we built it and the other when my sweetie noticed that it wasn't healthy when he was putting in the plumbing lines across the roots. The 50ft tree actually moved a bit. Talk about great timing for the tree guys to appear the next day!

Alex has great dexterity with tools. It is so
strange as she has difficulty with small motor
skills at school. This made her grandfather
very happy that she could get under there and
finish off the trim. Who knew? She could be
a plumber too!

Here is the bunkie, trimmed out. We are putting an bear chair (adirondak) on the little deck when it is put together. My sweetie made a bunch of these and we have two to put together still. He moans that we have so many chairs. Of course the stump chairs don't count.

Yesterday was a clean up day here at the cottage.
We all pitched in to rake, organize the outside, and the inside got the floors washed. Oh yeah!
The little grey dog is white. It took two washes to achieve the job. I dried him with the blow dryer and he is fluffy and looking like the "show" dog that he is.

Have a great day everyone.
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