Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After being away for a week, I have returned to absolute
perfect weather at the cottage. It is now a perfect fall
day here at the cottage. What? Fall is here! I can't
believe that I missed summer! The nights are cool
now and we must put heat on to make it comfy in
the early mornings. I do like the colours of fall, but
I miss not having had hot days this past season.
Oh there is always next year, (sigh)
The photo of the gang of young athletes in the first photo is of our aspiring olympic athlete. Can you see her? I tried to get her by using picasa to zero in on her. She made all her races to the finals only to place a very close fourth in all her endeavours. We are so proud. She was pleased with herself too.
We had 6 large trees cut down last week and my sweetie asked that the stumps be made into seats. We have three of these now, all in a row up the hill behind the cottage. The tree cutting was quite an operation. It took an hour of just positioning the ropes for each of the trees so that they wouldn't cause damage to buildings and other trees on the property. We have enough fire wood here now to last for years! The trees are now cut and stacked to dry. I hope I love long enough to make a dint! I must take a photo for the next post!
Oh! That's me sitting on the stump chair.....not much room for the butt!
It's good to be back. I have been sewing and did manage to get my fabric to finish the black quilt that I pieced this summer. $4.00 per metre for the black and I also bought some yellow and soft green fabric which was the same price and I love the fabric. I have the pattern in white and it's just super! I must take photos of this too.
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