Friday, September 4, 2009


When Helen, my private quilting teacher (oh yeah I have luck here at the cottage) was showing me a pattern she would cut out paper or light cardboard of different colours to demonstrate a project. Well it paid off yesterday when I was doing the Tic Tac Toe Quilt layout.

I actually read the directions on making the template. However as a lot of you probably know, sometimes the book directions aren't quite what we understand them to be. I did cut out fabric 8 X 11 directed, but when cutting the first template, there was no way it was going to end up a 6 1/2" I fiddled with the template a bit and voila!

I actually have two of them done to absolute perfection. I am so over the moon happy. Helen's patience has paid of and I have it in my head how to do an accurate template.

I made the blocks in reverse of each other and learned that the fabric must all be on the right side of each other or else
the blocks would be in reverse and not match. I only have
seven more to go as these finish out 18" squares. The photo
yesterday showed it using "scraps" well I don't have enough
of them here, but this is such a fun and funkie quilt that I
think I could do this in yellow, black, white and red for my
grandsons who never get a quilt because my quilts are to
"girlie" for them.

Our helper Alex left us yesterday, which is a sure sign that summer is at an end. She put her little boat away and said that her life would have been perfect at the cottage if her friend Brianna had only been here to share it with her....We miss here already. Mind you, we will have food in the fridge and don't have to oil its door any longer....I'd forgotten how much teens can eat!

Have a great Labour Day Weekend. Next week all our lives change as the children go back to school, we see the yellow buses and the stop flags in full operation. Let's keep them safe.

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