Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I learned this year that my Janome isn't indistructable...
it has siezed twice in a year.

I learned that with help from my "private" teacher, I really improved in my pattern choices.

I learned that I really have gotten better at quilting at the cottage...

I also learned that it's not a race about finishing a quilt
so quickly...I don't know how some machine quilters do it.

I learned that the hand quilters who follow my blog are truly my opinion.

I learned that the little threader that Helen gave me is probably one of the best little tool around.

I learned to get really really good at stitch picking.
Yeah really...

By the way the photo on the right is of the Virgin Islands, with 22 ft waves coming ashore. Oh to be a surfer.
I just loved the photo that was posted......I didn't learn anything from that...


I learned that sometimes 6:30 am with a cup of coffee in hand is sometimes the best time to quilt or get hands are quite steady then, so I can cut straighter than after 4 pm.

Best of all, so far, I learned that I am so thankful for the small joys in life that are shared by so many of the bloggers on the web....what did we ever do before the blogs were invented?

Happy New Year!
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