Sunday, December 27, 2009


As is the norm, we are all so tired after the celebration
of Christmas day.

This year, my second son gave me a day out to see the
King Tut exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
There wasn't much of line when we arrived at 10 am, but an hour later, what a difference!
The set up was a bit distracting and I found it very "hollywood" in displays, what with the voice of Harrison Ford booming in doom like voice making the whole of it a bit too much.
The works of art are truly something to behold, so it was worth the walking to each room to view the statues, the icons, and the gold mask of King Tut. Amazing details when one considers the tools the Egyptions had to use.
There were some necklaces that must have had 2000
precious and semi precious stones, then others with
flowers embedded in the gold pendants about 1/2"
No photos were allowed of course and although many of the items were behind glass, others were touchable which made it all worthwhile.
Just to see the details of the works right down to the toes of statues that only stand about 6" high and others that were two to three times that size, but all so identical in detail must have taken those artisans many long and arduos days.
The highlight of the day at the Gallery was the display of about 100 model ships of all sizes and ages. There were tall ships and small passenger carriers, some models from as far as Japan and Turkey, aged from 300 year models to post WW2. Quite amazing displays of workmanship, some of which were done by POWs in the camps of WW2. And that was free to anyone to see!
On Christmas morning we picked up my mother at the nursing home to take her to our daughter's home for the Brunch of the year....So much food and so well presented. Sausage strata, blueberry french toast, cinnamon french toast, fruit trays, coffees, and too many juices to name. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Then our friends, Bob and Mary (cottage ) had our gang for Christmas dinner. Mary outdid herself this year and Jeremy was so happy that she made her famous squash and apple bake. All in all, even though we all say the same thing every year that we won't eat too much.....we always do.
Yesterday, we were vegetables, just laying around and watching movies and trying to not eat too much of the leftover goodies, that somehow always taste so much better the day after. Don't you think?
I've been reading those that posted, and it seems we all survived!
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