Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here is the photo of my mother and I on Christmas

morning. She still looks pretty good for 90 years old!

We were all at our daughter's home for the feast of brunch.

My mother lasted about 2 hours and then all the excitement of the day was too much for her. I'm sure that many of us with mothers who have a bit of dementia or other age related frailties can identify with my problem on holidays.

It has been decided that we will not take her out for huge family outings as it's just too hard on her, no matter how good our intentions!

But she was there for the photo op and I think that
counts for a lot.
I gave my daughter Kelly this quilt from the Moda, Swanky Chez Moi fabrics I made in the summer. It fits here bed well. She has a queen size bed, but we put the quilt sideways and with her duvet being white, the quilt looks made for the bed! She loves it!
Fabricland has still it's sale on, and so of course I had to see what was there. I did buy some black, white and black and white fabric for an idea that I have in mind.
I'm going to my quilt shop today, to see if they have my sewing machine fixed and also to see what's on sale there. The fabrics at the quilt shops here in Canada are always so expensive......$15.00 per metre is a lot I think...anyway 50% off is my regular price for shopping American online shops and they always have sales! Anyway, I am going to have a look-see.
We played Apples to Apples on Christmas day and with 4 teens, 4 adults, the game was a hoot. One of the cards said "a loan shark" and when one of the teens asked what that was, another replied..."You know Jaws, the movie? Well it's that shark all alone hunting for people to eat!" The adults just howled....not too bad a description of a loan shark after all I think.
Very very cold today, 2 degrees F. that's cold by any standard...
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