Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday while waiting for my son to get his colonscopy, which turned out well by the way, I thought I'd stop in at Sally Ann and see what they had on as Tuesdays are Senior discount days!

I found these two plates for .85 each. Hand painted in Portugal now less. The blue one has just a small ridge for cheeses etc and the larger one is quite flat but they were both so perfect for the cottage that I was just so pleased to have found these perfect items.

I'm getting to my decisions....hang on. Be patient!

Then, as I was looking through the books area for
something interesting, I found this old quilt book
of Quilts made in the last century in Ontario. Although some of the quilts are from Pennsylvania and New England areas and are photographed in black and white, the book was a dollar, so I grabbed it.

The history of Upper Canada as we were known is very interesting and probably not unlike what the pioneers of the northern States endured.

It has some great stories which I will post at other times when I don't have much to write about....

I remember when Karen (Karen Quilts) went to the
Dakotas last summer, I just couldn't get enough of
the stories of the pioneers of the area.

I can't imagine that we would be that tough today what with our central heat, the air conditioning in the summer and the cook stove at our disposal at any time and the refrigeration!

These women worked! We just putter around when one considers their working conditions.

Anyway, with all your postings, thank you all so much for the opinions, but #2 is the choice that I let my sweetie make. And so it goes.

Tomorrow we are off to the plastic surgeon for a carpol tunnel procedure on my sweetie's left hand. It's been bothering him for so long that he decided to endure the about 15 minute procedure. I have other things in mind if I am to visit a plastic surgeon, but that's another story.

Ah this blessed weather. Today was glorious to the point that for the first time in about 8 weeks, I didn't wear a hat when I walk the dogs! I'm tough!

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