Monday, January 11, 2010


There are a couple of women that are friends of my daughter Kelly that make these very origina Pieces of ar
windows. I don't know how they make them but I now have two of these.
The flowers are all pressed, then somehow glued to the one side of the glass and really, the old one
that is in the kitchen at the cottage (not the best photo)
is still just like the day we put it up.
So knowing that we admired and loved the gift from last
year, Kelly got us this one for the living room (I think)
for this year.
Now, I don't have too many walls inside the cottage as we
have so many windows and the space is quite limited, but
I think that we will remove a mirror and put it in it's
I have a couple of old pine windows at the cottage that keep getting moved from one space to..."don't throw that out I'm going to use it" another when my sweetie starts clearing out stuff.
I had thought to put photos in the panes of glass of the old frames, but as I said wall space is limited. However,
I am going to do something this year.
I have about 25 blocks done of the buckeye quilt so have put them out to see which pattern I am going to do with it all. I must say, pinning sure makes a difference in accuracy...I hate the quilt has certainly been a turning point for me and I am a pinning queen!
My cold that I had on Saturday is virtually gone! I tell you Coldfx is an amazing product. Yesterday I was up and about like a new girl! There are athletes here in Canada, mainly hockey players and the figure skaters I think who use it annually to ward off colds. It works, and as stated before, I have no idea why, but it does!
I'm off to do more sewing today although I still haven't got my Janome 6600 back from the shop. I feel like it's been kidnapped...gone since Dec 22nd. Of course they aren't open till tomorrow morning. I'm calling first thing as I should be ready to do some serious quilting.
I will need a lesson in using the stitch in the ditch attachment as I've not been able to figure it out although I do have an attachment from the old machine which should fit this one...if I ever see it again!
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