Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I said it would be orange dots. Well with 5 squares to go, I placed the pattern in two grids.

I know which one I like, what about you?

Even my sweetie has ventured into this and has said which he likes. Fortunately, it's what I think looks best too, but it's a bit of dilemna still.

I am off to finish the last five blocks this afternoon. One of my sons has had a bit of a scare and had a colonscopy this morning which took up most of the day. He is good
to go now and it was more stress related than anything
else. But it's a lesson learned, we should all make sure
that this procedure is done at least every two years as
it's a curable cancer in 90% of cases caught . Quite a simple
procedure actually, a bit noisy afterwards, but you
nurses know this.

We went to lunch afterwards and he had to excuse himself a few times as I would not let him do anything in public! Ok, too much information there...but you get the point.

Let me know which of the two you like. It is a very spring like quilt as Deb commented yesterday.

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