Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday, after coming home from the dentist I looked through so many patterns for using my Marameko print that I was dizzy thinking of which way to go.

I looked at a lot of blogs and quilt patterns that seem to use the cobblestone in a lot of different ways, so Idecided to make mine this way too.

I am on a roll at the moment and only the tension in my shoulders has driven me away from the sewing table.

I've only made one with white as the border but I think
that it's too stark for the rest of the blocks I've made,
don't you?

I'm not making this quilt large as I'm thinking lap quilt here which is the most popular of the quilts I make. I suppose living in a winter climate, we all like to cuddle under these little quilts to keep warm while watching tv, or doing homework....

I actually have enough of the fabric to make two quilts if I use the retro fabric sparingly. I didn't realize, (surprise, surprise) that I actually had so much of it.

I'm also thinking that so many quilts are made using 2 1/2" wide fabrics as it is so versatile. It must be why
those jellies are so popular.

I did cut out some plain yellow fabric to use, but it too is just a bit much with all the blacks. I'm loving this so far.

Have a great weekend you all!

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