Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yesterday, I read that one of the most popular bloggers
was signing off.

I had just posted that she was the person who got me started quilting.  I've commented on her help over the past couple of years of course, but never did I think that her blog would come to an end.

I didn't expect her to respond to my comments, but when she visited my blog, I was so thrilled that she took the time to share her thoughts.   

It's a wonder she had time to sleep let alone keep up this blog that took on a life that she probably never expected when she started blogging.

I often wonder about the blogs that have hundreds and hundreds of followers like me, if they realize how much we depend on them...for free too.

Anyway, I found this photo on the web, saying goodbye and just thought I'd be one of the group who says thanks for sharing and bringing the love of quilting into our lives a little bit each day.
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