Monday, January 4, 2010


We are definitely in a cold spell here in Ontario.  Blizzard warnings and the lakes have frozen in the north near our cottage.

I received this photo to show that we should all be thinking of .....Antiqua...that would be good don't you think?

I sew in the basement which is usually just right for me to work, listen to music and be "creative" if you know what I mean.... well it's just too cold to want to do anything except put a quilt on my lap and watch television.

I did read "Playing for Pizza" by J. Grisham...the food made me want to go to Italy, but not in this weather...see?  I'm thinking warm and sunny all the time.

Last night, I saw "He's not into you" a total chick flick...Also watched "Two weeks notice"  again for the upteenth time and of course "Nottinghill" which is my favorite Julia film.

Today, I am off to pick up our Olympic girl as she is getting her resumes ready for University and we are going to lunch to discuss her future! 

Tomorrow...the tree comes down!  I'm over Christmas and all the holiday stuff.  I don't know any Ukranians !
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