Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I said I was using up stash. Well yesterday, I started with this 36 X 24 pieced blocks that one desperate day at the cottage when I didn't have much fabric, I put this together with one of my granddaughters.

The plain blue is from my grandmother's stash, circa 1965, can you believe?

Then I opened the 3" binn and took a look. I had enough to
put a small lap quilt together from that binn. I'm happy
that I had cut out all these strips when I was purging
my stash, such as it is.

Then, I just put some of the strips on the blocks and lined up a few to see how it all would look.

About 5 minutes later, (I did say I was on a roll didn't I)
I had the pattern put together and away I went, sewing, pressing, sewing and pressing.

About an hour later, the quilt now measered 42 X 58 and I was satisfied. I used a sheet with a small print for the backing, layered it on the table and spray basted the quilt.

Now I tell you, making strips and little blocks has been so smart of me since I'm using up. I can put projects together like this in a day.

I didn't start on the quilting as the Olympics called me away. I love the spectacle! Curling has now become our favourite sport and I am sure that we will continue to watch it after this week has ended.

Last night, for the first time in history of the Olympics, North America received a gold and a silver in Ice Dancing. Canada the gold and the Americans the silver. Both teams skated so extremely well and since both teams actually train together you can imagine how hard they were to judge. It could have gone either way. Dance has always been a Russian domination...not this time or ever again if judging from our skaters... We stayed up till midnight to watch it all. Wonderful, wonderful night.

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