Thursday, February 25, 2010


This little quilt is so cute! I am not much of a blue person so when I put this together, I was using up stash.

But now that it's finished with a soft red binding, it really makes me think differently of blue!

I did post the second photo of what an indea in my head without practicing does. Originally I was going to do free motion on it. Then, I had the corner lined up and I thought, oh do something different!

So as you can see from the corner, it wasn't exactly
produced such as one would see on that blog
365 days of free motion quilting....not by a long

But you know what? By the time I had moved down about 10", I was on a roll. I just wanted to show what happens when I'm thinking!

We actually watched the hockey game last night even though we aren't fans of the game. It's not like you see on telvision....Canada is not obsessed with hockey, just hockey at the Olympics.

It's because, if I remember correctly, we've been beaten by so many teams so many times. It's a point of pride.

Happy Birthday to granddaughters Nicole and Tory who were born two years apart and one day difference.
Nicole is 20 and Tory is 18, life is just beginning to be stressful I think.

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