Monday, February 22, 2010


Last summer at the cottage, I saw this pattern in an old quilting magazine. I loved it enough to gather what I had left at the cottage to make a quilt.

You know I loved dots, but I think my love of them is waining.. I mean, I have so many quilts that have dot in them and I'm trying to use up stash but how much can one use these dots?

These squares are 16" so the quilt is 48" squared up.
I usually border my quilts as I like that look, but this one didn't require it for the effect of the quilt.

I'm not that fond of it but now that the photo was taken
it actually looks better in the morning light. I used some of the remaining purple to make the back.

When I was a kid purple and pink were my favorite colours for happiness. I remembered this as I was putting it together. Funny what happens when quilting and the mind wanders.

Anyway, there were 10 blocks and I didn't want to
waste any of them so I put one one the back. Now,
there are quilts that my sweetie thinks are weird!

Remember the experiment in the summer? "Did you
screw up?" ...I wasn't too happy about that and then
of course, there's the bar code one just posted, so I was thinking he wasn't going to be given a chance to comment when I presented it as I was doing the hand sewing during the curling.

Yep, he loved it and wondered only why didn't I put the pink and black "flag" in the middle of the quilt back? These blocks look like flags? He's been watching to much Olympics with the people waving all their flags I think!

Other than batting and a bit of fabric since January, I'm sticking to my belated resolution to use up all those scraps that I've had put into bins "for future use". I don't know how people keep track of all their fabrics, because I just have a few dozen on the shelf, and still have 3 boxes of scraps and strips that need to be used. What, besides looking at fabrics do they do with it all?

What were the plans when fabric was purchased I wonder. Me? I've looked at fabric that's mostly on sale just to have it thinking, oh yeah thinking that I know what I could do with this.

So this morning, I'm off again to use up those pieces that are in bins.

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